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Household metal products business internally and externally marketing guide the direction of value creation

Throughout our household metal products company in the past marketing model, its positive effects seem to be sensationalized once, long past will lead to business concerns over the role of marketing while ignoring the importance of internal construction. Many people believe that if there is no market, then the internal construction is just a waste of resources, but in fact, if not household metal products business to strengthen internal capacity building, you can not lay the ability to create value, so this consequence is: inside, produced outside have become part of the cost, eventually reduced to a huge negative equity assets.
    A common marketing approach has three major categories:
    Currently referred to marketing, business is nothing less than three.
    First, customer-centric marketing. This is the most typical way of marketing, it is also the foundation of all marketing methods. It is key to research customer needs, mining customer value and provide appropriate value for the customer, based on meeting customer needs. In layman's terms, it is not only to let customers "eat", and let the customer "eat."
    Of course, this is also the industry leader in marketing. Industry leader standing proudly warlords, only in this way can find the right marketing direction.
    Second, product-centric marketing. This marketing approach has a potential premise that the customer needs to ascertain its value under the premise, concentrate on products, the product to achieve perfection, so that customers love, let competitors daunting. Adhere to this marketing household metal products company, is a market follower of nature. Discover what is the industry leader in customer needs and values, their task is to in some way, better than the industry leader. Such household metal products business to achieve the ultimate, it is possible to become the challenger.
    Once, relatively multinational, almost all Chinese household metal products companies are taking the road. This road has two moves: one is an imitation or constructive imitation, but imitation is imitation, then constructive, can not achieve transcendence; One is to imitate alternative, imitation is the means, alternative is the goal. The most significant difference between the two is that the former is to mimic or spurious target, which is beyond the target.
    Third, competition-centric marketing. This is the most can not look on "the table" marketing approach, but in marketing practice, it is the most efficient choice. Whether developing strategies or policies, it is everywhere aiming competitors. It is generally small and medium enterprises and small household metal products household metal products, micro-enterprise choice.
    Second, marketing is value creation "weathervane"
    In fact, although the basis for understanding, but above all the general terms. Following the decision of the household basic metal products marketing companies, all household metal products companies need to take into account other marketing methods.
    The product is the value of the carrier. All household metal products companies difference or distinction, are able to find the reasons from the product. Difference or distinction on the product will eventually be reflected by the target population. You can either think this is a family business active metal products segment result, customers can also be considered the result of the product selection.
    In the integrated home market, metal products in the home market, in the online store, household metal products business is not so much in marketing, as it is in the choice of the customer. The most convincing, the surface is the brand, the price, is to demonstrate, in fact, in the final analysis is the product.
    Household metal products on commodity marketing, household metal products companies must adhere to value creation. This is the reason for the survival of household metal products business. Second, we must put the value materialized in the product or service. Finally, there is the value of the quantities to be converted to currency. Therefore, value creation and household metal products marketing companies to take what does not matter. Or to put it another way, no matter what household metal products business marketing, household metal products business must create value.
   Recently the stock market have some covered. Some professionals have praised the "value investing," that there is hope, there is the potential strength of household metal products company stock long-term holding. Undoubtedly, this is a correct investment philosophy. But there is a premise that must hold the stock at "buy the dips" situation. Value of many listed companies are overvalued, and you hold this stock long are we going to be stuck with a loss or?
    This is the current status of China's domestic iron sheet products business. We can produce valuable products, but household metal products business is not large cumulative value under. Household metal products companies effectively assets must be able to "create value, or the value of production." The role of marketing is to create value guide the direction of home metal products business assets. It can not create value, but it can give value creation the way, offers creative.
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