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Effect of metal accessories for furniture taste

 According to experts dominate the international home, take the furniture industry, the furniture, the quality and level mainly in the selection of hardware accessories. Furniture inconvenient to use, to a large extent due to the improper selection of furniture hardware accessories or deficient formation. The industry saying goes: "Just a corresponding metal parts, very complex multi-function furniture can be manufactured." An industry source said, in the furniture hardware accessories accounted for 5 percent of the value, but the warmth of the operation accounted for 85% Visible hardware accessories importance Furniture. Home Hardware Press Setup can be divided into two major categories of general and special, the former including hinges, hinges, slides, etc., the latter including bathroom and kitchen accessories and other hardware. Wherein the hinges, slides, hinges and locks use most frequently in life, so it is even more important. In recent years, as consumer demand progress from time to time, for metal accessories made greater demand and higher requirements.
Household hardware more emphasis on its mechanical properties, rust, moisture resistance, fatigue properties of the movable member quality. In the home improvement increasingly personalized and holistic request today, home hardware in addition to satisfying the above utilitarian, but also has some bright spots and a decorative style of the overall home improvement supporting integrity. Take the most common of the handle, the current market in addition to stainless steel salad hand, there are black, bronze, chrome, pearl nickel plus lacquer, in appearance, Continental and Chinese, and conventional, profiled, etc. , to meet the diverse needs of consumers.
Dominate the international home of experts also mentioned, the role of furniture hardware on furniture and decorative cohesion is no longer just a local moving parts, its function increasingly strong, visible and more widely accessible, to furniture manufacturers Progress consumption efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, enhance the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets, create efficiency have played a positive role. With the development of industrial technology progress, furniture made by hand before the workshop, developed to today's mechanized bulk consumption. Hardware accessories have higher request for versatility, interchangeability, functional, decorative. Substrate diversity, structural changes and the use of function increases.
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