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Situation gardening supplies Development Analysis

Development of major foreign countries and regions, gardening supplies consumer gardening industry comprehensive planting horticultural crops, production and sales of gardening supplies and gardening design and construction, and subsequent conservation of the various professional sectors, industry chain is complete, orderly development of the market. The horticulture industry is in a stage of development, with infrastructure as the leading gardening, gardening supplies and gardening services as essential infrastructure, the demand for larger, is China's current horticultural industry an important link in the chain, and due to the current consumption of gardening low professional level who, gardening services in general in order to improve the appearance of added value in the form of gardening supplies, which makes gardening supplies directly determine the quality and brand quality horticultural services. At present, the number of firms many gardening supplies industry, the market is fully competitive state, enterprises in the industry with OEM and ODM-based, but the lack of specialization, scale of gardening supplies and service providers.
    In our country, with our own brands and independent intellectual property rights of a small number of companies, there are some well-known brands such as "Wasch," "Chui Yun" and "Million DK" and so on. Also, most companies choose their familiar product lines according to their characteristics as their main business products, covering only a single or a few categories, such as Germany, the aid Qingdao Co. produced only hand tools gardening supplies, Zhejiang Wan Dekai company produces only class gardening irrigation supplies. From a market share point of view, the brand share of the difference is not large, and there is no dominant and strong brands.
    Need to provide gardening services with high-quality, personalized gardening supplies, but there is less of consumer demand for gardening supplies a single, distinct individual needs, so a higher launch personalized quality gardening supplies costs, and because gardening service industry segments too, did not cause a large garden importance in enterprises, so China's current lack of professional gardening service providers.
    However, gardening is gardening industry chain service an important part of gardening supplies consumer inseparable gardening services. As people buy seeds need to give the corresponding planting, conservation, pest and disease prevention knowledge and relevant skills. At present, China's horticulture industry is in rapid development period, gardening supplies and gardening services as an important support infrastructure, are two important aspects of our country's horticultural industry, therefore, with the continuous development of horticulture products, our services also need to catch up gardening , rapid development, the formation in the form of two mutually promoting development.
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